Grantee: Prof Zhongxia Simon He, Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg (Sweden)
Host: Dr. Antonella Bogoni, TeCIP-Institute of TEchnologies for Communication, Information and Perception- Scuola superiore Sant’Anna Photonic Networks & Technologies National Laboratory – CNIT, Pisa (Italy) Dates: March 30th to April 4th, 2018
STSM Title: Visit to CNIT for radar testbed experiments

Workplan summary:

1. Motivation: CNIT has a unique fiberoptic based radar system operates at S band with 20 MHz bandwidth. Dr. He is invited by Prof. Bogoni to perform experiment on that radar testbed, so the result can be used to compare with full electrical radar implementataion. Dr. He is organizing a short course at the flagship conference IEEE microwave symposium 2018. The course topic is “Using active fiber optic for distributed antenna system (DAS) system in 5G mimo system and automobile radar system”. Prof. Bogoni would give a talk in my course. This course covers both telecom (5G) and automotive applications which is in line with this COST action. Dr. He and Prof. Bogoni would take this chance to present the result of the experiment.

2. Proposed contribution: A short course/ workshop at flagship microwave conference targeting both 5G and automotive application. PIC, as well as this EU COST action, would be promoted to both academia and industry. Possible publication from the test result from the experiment during this STSM

3. Technique: Dr. He will perform experiment on CNIT radar testbed, using novel radar waveform to improve radar resolution under limited bandwidth. This trip also including general visit to CNIT and detailed course planning. This would open future technical cooperation as well as student exchange in the future.

4. Planning: The visit lasting 6 days: 1 day general Visit CNIT, including lab tour, 3 days experiment with radar testbed 2 days summerize the result and follow up discussion.