Grantee: Prof Maria Medeiros, Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal
Host: Antonella Bogonni, CNIT-National Inter-University Consortium for Telecommunications , Pisa (Italy)
Dates: March 23rd to 30th, 2018
STSM Title: Distributed collaborative radar sensing

Workplan summary:

1. Aim&Motivation: CNIT has a demonstration experimental setup of a fully photonic-based RF transceiver both for radar and communication operations with the capability to simultaneously work on different bands and integrating two sensing heads. Prof. Maria Medeiros is invited by Prof. Antonella Bogoni, to perform experimental work on the radar testbed. The objective is to explore the test bed functionalities is order to program future collaborative work on distributed collaborative radar sensing.

2. Proposed contribution to the scientific objectives of the Action: This work is integrated in WG2 activities (Subsystem development through IMWP for wireless communications and radar functionalities).

3. Techniques: Prof. Maria Medeiros will learn the radar testbed general operation particularly the radar received waveform processing and synchronization techniques applied for the join operation of the two sensing heads.

4. Planning: The visit will last 6 days working days. 23rd to 30th March 2018. Day 1: Visit to the labs and demonstration of the general setup. Day 2, 3 Hands on experimental work. Day 4: Work discussion. Day 5: Hands on experimental work on synchronization. Day 6: Follow up discussion and planning of next work.