WG1 Fundamentals of PIC for IMWP.
Leaders: Prof Geert MORTHIER (geert.morthier@ugent.be)
Dr Chris ROELOFFZEN (c.g.h.roeloffzen@lionix-int.com)
The goal of WG1 is to compile an accurate portfolio of requirements of PIC solutions for IMWP.

WG2. Subsystem Development through IMWP for wireless communications and radar functionalities.
Leaders: Dr Antonella BOGONI (Antonella.bogoni@cnit.it)
Prof Maria MEDEIROS (cmedeiros@deec.uc.pt)

The goal is to define the main requirements for implementing IMWP communication and radar subsystems in terms of PIC models and monolithic integration.

WG3. IMWP for 5G.
Leaders: Prof Andreas STÖHR (andreas.stoehr@uni-due.de)
Dr Anne-Laure BILLABERT (anne-laure.billabert@lecnam.net)

The goal is to identify the IMWP opportunities in terms of generation, SWaP, bandwidth, and integration to unlock the future 5G communications.

WG4. IMWP for Space applications.
Leaders: Dr Chris ROELOFFZEN (c.g.h.roeloffzen@lionix-int.com) – Prof. Liam Barry (liam.barry@dcu.ie)

The goal is to explore the IMWP opportunities on telecommunications satellite payloads to future aerospace technologies

WG5. IMWP for automotive.
Leaders: Prof Zhongxia Simon HE (zhongxia@chalmers.se)
Dr Eszter GERHÁTNÉ UDVARY (udvary@hvt.bme.hu)

The goal is to identify the expected requirements for broadband fibre-wireless communication and radar systems for automotive.

WG6. Roadmap definition of the IMWP-based systems and coordination group.
Leaders: Dr Martijn HECK (mheck@eng.au.dk)
Dr Daniel DOLFI (daniel.dolfi@thalesgroup.com)

The goal of WG6 is to coordinate and interact with the rest of WGs and the industrial stakeholders to target, identify, discuss and select IMWP and PIC key functionalities from WG outcomes.