Dear EUIMWP participants,

On behalf of our STSM Coordinator, Dr. Maurizio Burla, we are pleased to launch the 2nd call for STSM in the EUIMWP (CA 16220) COST Action.

In the COST Vademecum (downloadable from the right menu of the COST webpage:, Section 8, you will find the general rules. When preparing a STSM application, please refer to the latest version of the Vademecum and to the guidelines described in the “Guidelines for Action Management, Monitoring and Assessment” document (available:”.

The selection of STSM applicants will be based on the scientific scope of the application and how it can support the COST Action in achieving its scientific objectives, and will take into account the COST Policy and Rules with special attention on Inclusiveness and Excellence.

Please check the list of hosts options if you still have not made your plans.

The call will have the following characteristics:

  1. Applications can be submitted from now until further notice (when allocated budget is finished).
  2. They will be treated in a first come, first served basis, after checking the suitability of the applicant and their application.
  3. The missions have to finish before March 31st, 2019, one month before the end of the Grant Period (April 30th). In the case the mission ends during the second half of March, grantees are kindly requested to submit their scientific report in 2 weeks (instead of the usual 30 days). Otherwise we would have difficulties to process the payment of their grant and our commitment to submit our Financial Report to COST when requested would be endangered.
  4. Please send also 2-4 pictures of you working during your stay, so we can publish them in the webpage of the Action (, together with the summary of your proposal. The scientific report will be published in the members area.
  5. Grantees who have never been reimbursed by the UPV should send Pepa ( the form “Dates_address_bank” attached filled in and signed, together with a copy of their passport, in order to be included in the UPV database for making the payment. In the case the grantee requests the grant in a Spanish bank account, please fill in the form “Datos_Tercero”.

The transfer of the grant should be done, preferably, to the grantee’s personal bank account. If this is totally impossible, please let Pepa know and she will inform you about how to proceed.

If after reading the COST Vademecum you still have any question, please contact Pepa.

Thank you and kind regards,

Pepa Bayarri (Grant Holder Manager)
Maurizio Burla (STSM Coordinator)
José Capmany (Chair and Grant Holder)

Downloadable files:
COSTVademecum 2018 May
STSM Hosts EUIMWP 20180411
Letter of support from home inst
Written agreement from host inst
Host confirmation