Jozef Chovan, Martin Tomáška, František Uherek, Daniel Haško, Dana Seyringer, Lenka Gajdošová, Eduard Koza, Jozef Pavlov, 2019 International Workshop on Fiber Optics in Access Networks (FOAN) (2019)

DOI: 10.1109/FOAN.2019.8933777.

Progress in integrated photonics enables development of integrated photonics circuits with new unique properties, circuits of the future, and overcomes current limits in information and communication technologies. The packaging of photonic integrated circuits is necessary for taking them out of research laboratories into real implementation in the information and communication technology applications. Telecom optical fibers are still being the best transmission medium of digital data and analogue signals for long distance applications. The effective coupling of optical radiation between telecom optical fiber with ten microns core dimension and photonic integrated circuits optical waveguides with submicron dimensions are necessary. To address these challenges, we present our concept of photonics integrated circuit packaging with radio frequency, direct current and fiber array ports with automated active alignment system.