Muhsin Ali, a PhD student at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain visited Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute (HHI) in Berlin, Germany for a period of two months. Under the supervision of Dr. Björn Globisch, he worked with two different research groups of THz Sensors and Systems and Polymer PIC. The aim of the STSM was to design and develop antenna-integrated mm-Wave and THz photonic emitters based on HHI’s PIN-photodiodes. Such devices find applications in multi-Gbps microwave photonic wireless communications systems. Moreover, THz broadband antenna arrays were designed, along with fabrication mask, on HHI’s PolyBoard material, to be used in photonics-enabled phased array emitters for 2D beamsteering. The primary outcome of this research stay is development of first ever WR-03 (J-band) integrated PIN-PD emitter module.